Sri K.C. Narayana - Childhood

Sri. K.C. Narayana was the third child for his parents. He had two elder brothers, three younger sisters and an younger brother. His grand father was the head of the family and a widowed sister of his wielded power in the house in all matters and her instructions were followed to letter. There were strict restrictions on all matters from those related to morning ablutions to going to the bed at a fixed time. Being a family of considerable reputation in secular and religious circles the discipline enforced is strict and non compliance was not tolerated by her.

Since there were no private schools those days he studied as did his brothers and sisters in schools run by the Municipality of Tirupati till the elementary level and later on moved into the school run by the Devasthanams of Tirupati called Devastham Hindu High school which were then under the control of a religious head called Mahant. After Independence of India the control of school was taken by the Tirupati Tirumala Devasthanams and was called S.V.High school.

From the days of his primary school he has been influenced by the poverty of many students and made it a habit to be of help to them in whatever manner he could. He is not a very intelligent person in any sense of the term but essentially a person who had prowess in many areas of life from childhood. He had an uncanny ability to understand the problems of others and loved helping them. In this process he would plead before his teachers and Head Masters as well as their parents and see some solution is worked out. Some of his primary school friends continue to be his close friends after 6 decades of life.

Though he is born as a Brahmin his friends were from all castes and religions. His capacity to understand others and excel in games and studies has made him a person known among not only his classmates but is a person well known in classes 3 to 4 levels above and below. The induction into realm of noble qualities to be practiced in life thus has been his fortune and he fortified himself in the values of service, co operation and sacrifice from his childhood.

His classmate in the primary school level a girl named Pootana who was different he understood was due to her poor grasping faculty and odd movements of the limbs. Though she is elderly in the class no one would care for her as she was no game for games or studies. But Sri K.C. Narayana was always kind to her and helped her come to the school by going to her house and pick her up. The problems she had it was understood by him was due to physical and mental disendowments and this was the reason that he later worked for the physically and mentally less endowed persons and helped many in their rehabilitation through the Government organizations with which he was associated. Among many persons who were identified as needing help is Mohamed Yacoob Basha and the association that started with him in about 8th year continues till date.

He is of a very inquisitive and probing by nature and had prowess in understanding and tackling situations. His studies started with Aksharabhyasa done by a famous Sanskrit scholar Sudarshana Chari. His interest in the study of Sanskrit continued till he entered the University for Post-graduate Studies. He was good at drawing, painting, and used to sing too. He also participated and enacted several roles in dramas during his schooling/college days. He was a regular contributor to the school magazines and his first essay was in Sanskrit while he was studying 7th standard. His first participation in the oratorical contest was in his 9th class in which he was given the 1st prize. He started playing for his School and got a prestigious Gregory Cup in the tournament in his 9th class by his playing through the entire innings remaining not out. This made him popular among students in the school. His interest in Cricket continued through the period of his education representing the College and University in many tournaments.