Sri K.C. Narayana - Spirituality

His Holiness Mahatma Sri Ramchandraji Maharaj visited their house during 1955 for the first time to meet his Revered father Pujya Dr. K.C. Varadachari. It was then Sri.Narayana attracted the attention of Rev. Babuji Maharaj and he duly got initiated into the practice of Raja Yoga by the great Master Pujya Sri Ramchandraji Maharaj Himself in December 1956. Thus the right means came to his doorstep and thus his spiritual life was awakened.

The gigantic personality of his father Pujya Dr. K.C. Varadachari, blessings of the Great Master, a fertile and enriching company of his grandfather, a most pious mother and a very noble, sweet hearted life partner in K.C. Santha and a lovable, understanding and adjusting progeny, of course, with all the trials and tribulations any mortal could have, have enormously contributed to his serious, dedicated and committed spiritual practice under the guidance of his preceptor and Master.

Sri. K.C. Narayana himself being a serious seeker of the reality carried on his assiduous spiritual practice like a “Dhira”, as the Upanishads put it, and was enabled to reach high stages of progress on the path of Spirituality by the Great Master.

Sri. K.C. Narayana always gave utmost importance to Sadhana and he practiced in letter and spirit the system and methods given by Pujya Sri Ramchandraji Maharaj. Some of the spiritual stages in Raja Yoga sadhana that were imperienced by him and the opinion of the Master are detailed here under.

Date Condition
11-01-1967 Crossed Brahmand mandal
25-03-1967  was permitted to give training to aspirants
23-06-1969  Grown dynamic in spiritual life.
28-09-1969 3/4th Yatra in Parabrahmanda mandal completed
15-12-1969 Crossed Parabrahmanda mandal.
18-04-1970 Master wrote “A greater responsibility of the Mission lies on you."  - View the Original
07-01-1971 Preparing for Central Region.
29-04-1971 The burden of work of your father has also come on your shoulders. In his life time you worked with your father and now you will have to work with your self. So your responsibility is also enhanced. - View the Original
26-08-1971 I am very happy that you are doing good work in the West although it is your first attempt - View the Original
26-09-1971 I appreciate the work you are doing in countries where God is foreign to the people. I pray for your long life, prosperity and spiritual well being. - View the Original
28-10-1971 I am very happy to see that you have done wonderful work in America. You have sown the seed of spirituality there, which is totally foreign to them. I give you the duty too that you will be attentive to them at times. I will also play my part. Long live.  - View the Original
22-09-1971 Master wrote to others that he is an able preceptor of the Mission.
01-11-1971 Master wrote “Regarding your condition I am happy and congratulate you and I eagerly wish that you may stand by your father. I will give you the work after work.” - View the Original
14-12-1971 Again Master wrote “I am happy that you are attentive to the Abhyasis in U.S.A. I have grown old and so I have become so weak. I want to take work from the boys and save my labour to attend to work of higher nature. You are one of those boys.” - View the Original
25-12-1971 Master wrote “This helplessness is due to the Yatra of Prapanna. Although you have crossed it, but the display commenced now, because I have taken your case in a different way. It is leaving good effect on you.” - View the Original
14-03-1972 Master wrote “I feel, I do not know how far I am right, that some times you feel disappointed. When I am there for you services, disappointment should be set aside. I treat you as one of my boys." - View the Original-Page 1, Page 2
15-03-1975 “You are in the highest step no doubt but I wanted to correct so many things hence I worked on it. I saw you in Hyderabad and found the lightness in your being. I wish you success.” - View the Original
Basanth 1979 He was given a sitting by the Master in which he was given the spiritual eyes to see the dimensions of the Supreme Personality of the Master. He was dumb stuck and remained in that condition for over 6 months. The thought of the Master used to well up tears in his eyes and he used to get into states of Samadhi.
3rd Oct.79 Dreamt of Master. There was soothing transmission. Feeling of having known the Truth. But before that there was soothing bright light which is greyish. Many a question got resolved. He is the Special Personality and He knows what to do with the Mission and training.
22-10-1979 Master wrote “You know Narayana that I have done whatever the need was for the spiritual life of man and the work is still continued. The system is there, my support is there, yet it is for the persons like you to first educate abhyasis and then do further research. I have great hope from you.” - View the Original
18-11-1979 Had a Darshan of Master. He fell at His feet seeking total mergence. He was told that there is lot of work to be done by him.
At night 11 p.m. he had a dream in which he saw a herd of elephants and the thought of auspiciousness was prevailing. He thought they are all the abhyasis spreading the message of the Master. Later there was a fountain brilliantly lit and he saw the emblem of the Mission but with Rev.Babuji replacing the rising sun.
Experienced an ubiquitous force engulfing him from the morning. He applied for leave and was in deep contemplation the whole day. The next day brother Seshadri of Malkajgiri told him that Master had attained Mahasamadhi. He asked him to take bath and come for a sitting. After the sitting Brother Seshadri was asked “do you feel transmission or not?” He said yes and it was intense. He was then asked “where did the Master go”?
7-9-1986 Had a Vision of Revered Lalaji. He was told by Revered Lalaji that his approach is up to Lord Krishna and that the vibrations from him were that of Lord Krishna.
1987-1990. During various periods of time the nature of the rings of splendour got revealed and it all happened during midnight meditations. From the awareness of the Omniscience of the Master to the state of awareness of non awareness of Master is a long journey.
29-03-1991 Resigned from all the posts in SRCM.
On the same day he was informed ( in inter communication) as a position of Parishad got vacant he is given that responsibility.
14-08-1991 Having got into real problems of conscience with the way the SRC M was functioning he prayed since Dec. 1990 to his revered father and the Master for long hours of time every day. On 14th Aug. 91 he was permitted to grant permission to work to persons who are keen to serve the Master in Dr. K.C.V. Order by Rev. Babuji Maharaj. A new chapter thus began in spirituality. When the orders were communicated his whole body was in a state of firm grip as if he was held very closely to the chest of the Master and the embrace was too tight to even bear. Still however he did not feel choked. It was blissful and he was asked to be particularly careful about the moral conduct and character of the persons to whom permission would be granted.
14-8-1998 2:00 A.M. During meditation felt as if he was moving in the vast space and there was no feeling except that of remembrance of the Master. All of a sudden a distant vision of a spring from which some liquid was oozing out was seen. This darshan led to ecstatic feeling of the being with the Mother of the Universe. It was all awe and wonder and time of an hour or more passed off as an instant.
3-1-2005 The Laya in Brahm matured and all the being got dissolved and death of all that was there (they got dissolved) there is also a feeling of Dukha or sorrow.
The self leaves this Dukha behind which envelops the entire manifestation. The sorrow may be compared to that of the bride who leaves her parents home to reach her home. Marriage with the Divine has its own share of sorrow.
8-1-2005 During meditation there was a total summarization of all that exists and their interrelatedness. The prayer covered all beings working for the Master.
21-12- 2005 4am. During meditation there was mergence of himself in Master and for the first time Masters mergence in his physical frame was felt intensely. The Omni pervasiveness of Master for a time sought to engulf this expression of His and the physical form from tip to toe got totally charged and the thought that this system is “transmission personified” reverberated through and through. The concept that the person becomes dynamic stated in the Masters message Efficacy of Pranahuti now was fully realized.

It is evident from above how Sri. K.C. Narayana reached the pinnacle of Spirituality very early in Life (36 Years of age) while being an active Grhastha and a responsible, committed and dynamic Government officer.

Throughout, he has been stressing the need for spiritual development, the need for high moral fabric, discipline, promptness in performance coupled with accuracy and to develop right discrimination.

While being very active in the worldly life, his priority has always been spiritual development in himself and for striving hard to develop others spiritually using training methods given by Pujya Sri Ramchandraji Maharaj and using the power of Pranahuti.

As an able preceptor, he has introduced thousands of seekers into the system of Raja yoga.

He organized, participated in a Preceptors Seminar of Sahaj Marg Research Institute, Tirupati during 1969 and 1970.
Actively assisted his Revered father, Pujya Dr. K.C. Varadachari in his writings on the system of Raja yoga of Pujya Sri Ramchandra.
Trained committedly many seekers of spirituality and enabled many to reach higher states of consciousness using Pranahuti and through his prayers to the Great Master.
He was selected by Pujya Sri Ramchandraji Maharaj to work as a member of “Working Committee” of SRCM.
He was centre in charge of Hyderabad centre of SRCM and also Zonal Secretary, Zone IV SRCM from mid eighties to 1991.
He was director of Sahaj marg Research Institute till 1991.

Having been given by the Great Master, the onerous responsibility of educating, training and doing further research in the system coupled with high hopes from him, Sri. K.C. Narayana has been relentlessly working day in and day out in this direction from the very beginning. All those persons who have come in contact with him bear testimony to this fact. Not only these, the clarity, grasp and understanding of the system, the seriousness with which the sadhana has to be carried out has made tremendous impact on all them.

During 1991, when the relevance of the Revered Master Sri Ramchandraji Maharaj was distorted, questioned and the system given by him was diluted, when the technique of Pranahuti (Transmission) was mystified, when the importance of practice on points A and B in sadhana was ignored by the head of Sri Ramchandra Mission, Sri. K.C. Narayana could not tolerate the unconscionable. With the stupendous task of preserving the purity of the system, right education and training according to the methods given by the Great Master (the responsibility of which was entrusted to him by the Master) Sri. K.C. Narayana left the organization of Sri Ramchandra Mission. A few like minded and serious seekers also joined him and requested him to do something. The onerous responsibility he has taken on his shoulders is of a very high order and any ordinary person might have simply walked out of Sri Ramchandra Mission and kept quite because he reached the highest stage in spirituality, but the love and duty towards the Master only made him to start the ISRC to train others in spirituality and to take them to higher stages in spirituality with the grace of the Master. It is totally unfounded to say that he sought to be the President of SRCM and parted ways due to that.

With an absolute faith in the great master, Pujya Babuji Maharaj, who treats him as His son, with utmost reverence, love and faith in his Preceptor-Father, Pujya Dr. K.C. Varadachari, Sri. K.C. Narayana through his prayers with profound confidence in himself succeeded in opening up a new order and the “Institute of Sri Ramchandra Consciousness” came into being under Pujya Dr. K.C. Varadachari’s order during the year 1991. It was really a Bhagiratha effort on the part of Sri. K.C. Narayana to have made it possible and the ISRC is committed to serve the eternally present Supreme personality, Pujya Sri Ramchandraji Maharaj of Shahjahanpur (U.P).

Sri. K.C. Narayana, the inspiration behind this, saw to it that all the seekers practice the system as given by the Great Master, maintain integrity, honesty and high morals to deserve themselves for higher approaches. Accordingly:
i)  Training courses are being conducted for the abhyasis to give them more clarity.
ii) Training courses are being conducted for fresher's about the system regularly at Hyderabad and the other centers of ISRC.