Sri K.C. Narayana - Career

Sri K.C. Narayana entered the Government Service through APPSC, in which too he stood first, at the age of 22 years in the department of Employment and training. During his long innings of government service spanning over 36 years, Sri. K.C. Narayana held several important and distinguished positions

Important Positions held:

  • District Employment Officer 1961-1972
    He was one of the pioneers in Vocational Guidance in the country and he worked both in the Government Institutions and Universities in collaboration with other researchers in the field of educational, vocational and clinic guidance.
    During this period he was instrumental to start 2 University Employment and Guidance Bureaux.
    Conducted university alumni surveys on employment pattern of S.V.U. Graduates continuously for 5 years in collaboration with Dr. S.Subbaramayya, Professor of Economics and Dr. S.Narayanarao, Professor of Psychology during 1965 to 1970. The survey was well appreciated by the U.G.C. and Director General of Employment and training, New Delhi. The Institute of Manpower research Institute also sent a letter of appreciation for the quick work done.
    Developed career literature, organized guidance seminars, workshops, and talks and coordinated with employers in public and private sectors in the matters of recruitment.
  • Regional Employment Officer, 1972-1978 Hyderabad
    He managed very efficiently the biggest employment exchange in the state of A.P. and enforced the E.E.(CNV) Act of 1959

    [ During the period 1978-1982 Sri. K.C. Narayana held very important and most sensitive positions. Firstly as a ‘Private Secretary’ to the Chairman, Rayalaseema Development Committee and subsequently as Private Secretary (Parliamentary Affairs) to the then Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh. These roles he played excellently with utmost dignity, maturity and sagacity ]


  • Private secretary to Chairman, Rayalaseema Planning and Development Committee 1978-1980
  • Private secretary to the Chief minister of Andhra Pradesh: 1980-1982
  • Personal officer AP construction Corp
  • Deputy Director - Directorate of Employment and Training - 1983-1987
  • Managing Director - Directorate of Employment and Training -1987-1988
  • Joint Director - Directorate of Employment and Training -1988-1993
  • Head of the department as Additional Director - Directorate of Employment and Training, Govt of Andhra Pradesh - 1993- 1997

 On attaining the age of superannuation, he retired from service on 30.6.1997 after a meritorious service of 36 years.

During his service in the Department of employment he was solely responsible for computerizing all the employment exchanges in the State of A.P. that attracted the attention of the I.L.O which held an international seminar at Hyderabad. He oversaw the functioning of the Career Study Centre which was responsible for bringing out several career publications. He managed excellently the entire department to the satisfaction of everybody. He prepared manuals for the functioning of the Department. He got issued the rules and regulations of service of the department which were being contested by the employee unions for over 3 decades. His contributions to this department are out-standing. He was honest to the core and every subordinate of his had to be on heels always and alert to keep pace with his speed, perfection and diligence. He was a master in every aspect.

Mr. Md. Ibrahim Khan, Deputy Director, Dept. of Emp. & Trg. A.P. on the eve of the retirement of Sri K.C.Narayana observed:

  • “The like of him, I am sure, we will never be able to see again.”
  • “An officer without a match and beyond compare, Sri. K.C. Narayana has carved out for himself a unique place on a high pedestal, which any one hardly can reach for years to come.”
  • “For officers like us, at the Directorate, each day was a day of education. Each hour was an hour of unique experience and enlightenment with Sri.K.C.N. garu as our mentor and reformer.”
  • “He did not belong to the Indian administrative Service but, the Indian administrative service has been enriched by his administrative acumen and skill.”
  • “Corruption has never touched him. Vindictiveness is unknown to him. His kindness is indisputable. His helpful nature is apparent in all his actions. His academic excellence is well acknowledged. His command over computer service is unchallengeable.”

In the words of another colleague at the farewell function by Telangana Non Gazetted Officers’ Association on 30.6.1997:

  • “This also marks the end of an era of dedication, discipline, sincerity and hard work…….”
  • “Sri K.C.Narayana is an institution in himself and he nurtured these ethics and is exponent of them. The void due to his retirement is difficult to fill…….”
  • “He is work minded to the extent of worship. He has really proved himself worthy of the proverb “WORK IS WORSHIP.” The department has benefited much from his experience and Administrative Sagacity.”
  • With the famous urdu couplet.
    “Hazaron sal nargis apni benuri pe roti hai
    bari mushkil se hota hai chaman mein didawar paida.”
  • “There is a generation gap between him and others and this department requires a generation to produce another K.C.Narayana.”

These are not mere encomiums that were showered. They are true, real and bear testimony.
From these sentences quoted above it is quite evident what type of multi-faceted personality is Sri K.C. Narayana.

He has been a good student, excellent administrator, educationist, psychologist, philosopher and guide to everyone all through his career. He displayed his originality in everything he did for the good of the department, practiced honestly to the core, enforced discipline and won the hearts of all. His apparent harshness and irritability are reactions to imperfection, slipshod way of working, lack of seriousness in others and his committed endeavour for their improvement. His heart is extremely soft, noble and accommodates only love and concern for others.

This is one aspect of the personality of Sri. K.C. Narayana. As has been indicated earlier he is “a sage in the offing” When he first came in contact with the greatest spiritual Master in the human history, Pujya Sri Ramchandraji Maharaj of Shahjahanpur (U.P) at an early age of 18 years, his other half of the personality started developing i.e. the “Spiritual Side”.